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What Is Drophaus?

We are a service born from a need to improve and simplify dropshipping processes. We’ve sold over $13 million in merchandise, and have been able to fully understand and experience the flaws in the dropshipping systems. We are here to offer sustainable solutions to dropshipping problems; because we believe that dropshipping is not only a viable business method, but a highly profitable one when done correctly.

We believe in integrity, positive experiences and flexibility…

Integrity: doing business the right way, the first time around. This involves excellent communication with our clients and customers. Honesty is the best policy and we believe that we deliver exactly what we promise: we won’t have it any other way. We stand behind our business, so you can stand behind yours.

Positive experiences: we believe in creating a seamless experience; when it comes to working with overseas manufacturers, we believe that you deserve nothing but the best experience, so you can offer the same to your very own customers. Regardless of where you’re at in your business, we’re here for you to make it happen.

Flexibility: we work tirelessly over here in the US and in China to create a union and team spirit that makes everything run like clockwork. You’ve got the flexibility and resources to scale your business in the best, and most time-efficient way possible.

We believe in delivering the best experience possible; our team has over 10 years of experience in eCommerce, sourcing, manufacturing, logistics and everything in between. We know what it takes to start and scale a successful eCommerce business, and we’re here to do it for you.  

We’re committed to doing everything in our power to ensure that you can safely scale your business through our suite of services: brand development, custom packaging, graphic design, payment processing, Facebook & Google marketing, influencer marketing, and more.

We look forward to working with you!

Where is Drophaus located?

Los Angeles Office:
2684 Lacy Street, Los Angeles, CA 90031

Orange County Office:
4590 Macarthur Blvd, #500 Newport Beach, CA 92660

China fulfillment center:
No.43,Section C Software Park, Gulou Fuzhou 350003 Fujian

How do I work with Drophaus?

If you want to work with us, we want to hear from you! All you have to do is submit an application, we’ll carefully read through your application and make sure we’re the best fit to scale your business. All you have to do is sit back and wait to hear from us. 

How is your service different from Aliexpress?

We’re proud to be different (and better!) than Aliexpress. Here’s how:

Long processing and shipping times
We don’t want you to have to deal with long waiting times before you launch your products. Whilst Aliexpress is known for it’s 30-60 day shipping turnaround, the average Drophaus client experiences a shipping time of 7-14 days, or 10-17 days in the holiday season.

Bad “suppliers”
It goes without saying that some suppliers mislead their clients and don’t actually have the inventory counts they say they do, nor do they exert any control over the quality or pricing of items sourced. We value your business as much as we value our own, so we do all the vetting for you. Top suppliers at your service, who are responsive and who deliver what you need, when you need it.

Communication + Transparency
When you work with Drophaus, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager that provides you with frequent, real time updates (instead of “processing”). Get all your questions answered without a hitch, and get notified firsthand about any delays or issues in the process. We’re here for you and we want this to be as easy as 1-2-3.

How does dropshipping with Drophaus work?

It’s simple, all you have to do is submit an application to let us know what kind of products you need sourced. If we believe we’re a good fit, we’ll identify suitable vendors for you, negotiate the best prices, and put them through our QA process to verify their capabilities. Then, we’ll schedule an onboarding call with you to walk you through the process and answer any last minute questions you have. If you approve the quotes, we integrate our app with your store so that your orders are fulfilled automatically. Next, we’ll stock your product in our warehouse in China, and you’ll only pay for the items you sell - just like dropshipping!

Which countries does Drophaus ship to?

We ship to all countries in North America, Europe, and Australia. Alongside select countries throughout Asia, Africa, and South America.

Click here to view the full list.

What is your shipping time?

Drophaus standard shipping time to the US from China is anywhere between 7-14 days. During the holiday season, the average shipping time increases to 10-17 days.

How does your pricing work?

We charge a 3-8% product sourcing fee (applied per product). We charge a $1.00 fulfillment fee, per order. That’s it! No upfront costs or hidden fees.

Do you have your own warehouse?

Yes! This is what makes our service so great. Unlike Aliexpress agents, we have our own warehouse in China with a team of about 30 employees. Our warehouse address is: No.43,Section C Software Park, Gulou Fuzhou, 350003 Fujian. 

What is your MOQ?

Our MOQ is 20 orders per day for each product you want sourced. If you don’t yet meet the MOQ but would like to work with us, drop us an email at drop@wonghaus.com letting us know you’d be willing to purchase 1,000 units in advance.

Are you able to source anything from China?

Yes! We are able to source virtually anything from China, all we need is an Aliexpress link or equivalent to get started. 

Do you need an Aliexpress product link?

Yes! This is important for us to be able to fulfill your needs, by providing us with a link, we can provide you with the most accurate quote possible. Aliexpress listings are used because they have pictures and all details/specs listed as well.

How are you able to beat pricing on AliExpress/Alibaba?

We have a sourcing team that locates manufacturers and negotiates pricing with them so we can cut out the middle man (AliExpress/Alibaba). Depending on order volume and negotiations with vendors, we are almost certain that we can’t be beaten on price by Aliexpress.

Please note, that we don’t aim to compete on price since we offer a far more superior service, based in the US. We’re confident that we’re the best sourcing and fulfilment company, and we’re dedicated to providing you with a service that cannot be imitated elsewhere. 

Can we have our own customer card inserts in the packaging?

Yes, absolutely! We offer anything from basic to full branding options and can help you create the best possible branding experience for your customers.  

How does Drophaus vet its suppliers?

We understand the quality that is needed from our suppliers, and we hold it to them.

High quality products: all suppliers are the producers of high-quality products, most of which are produced and shipped from Europe or North America

No third party warehouses: all suppliers are required to manufacture or hold their own inventory - no third party warehouses allowed!

Discount on retail prices: all suppliers are required to offer discounted pricing off of their regular retail price to ensure dropshippers can make a profit off of their sales

Fast order processing and shipping: all suppliers are required to abide by the processing and shipping time frames they have specified in order to offer customers the best experience

Can I cancel or make a change to an order?

We have on-call customer service representatives ready to help manage your orders from suppliers to delivery. Any changes or cancellations can be made fast and efficiently.

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