Some things to know before we start

Drophaus Application

Here are some things to read before applying
(I know it's kinda long, but it's worth it!)

How does Drophaus work?
After being onboarded, Drophaus will stock your product in our warehouse and begin fulfilling orders for you and only billing you for each order AFTER it ships. If you have a large number of backorders, they would need to be invoiced all together before the bill per order model can be started.

Who are we?
The Drophaus founding team has generated over $15,000,000 in annual sales from our own brands and has supported stores generating 6 to 8 figures in revenue.

Why Drophaus?
We know you're attached to the Aliexpress agent you have used for the past year but we also know that you don't want to rely on one person over WhatsApp for potentially millions of dollars of inventory. Beyond the safety of working with an American company, our team in China conduct quality inspections, negotiation, and acts as an extension of your fulfillment team. You get the benefits of lower pricing and faster delivery times by leveraging our volume from our business with other merchants.

Why did we start Drophaus?
We're big believers in the dropshipping business model as merchants ourselves. We looked at why Dropshipping businesses aren't sustainable: payment processor and Facebook ad account bans, slow shipping speeds, terrible communications, and lack of transparency between the merchant and their suppliers.

All of the problems can be traced back to a poor supply-chain. Bad products and slow shipping speeds lead to low advertiser scores on Facebook and chargebacks to your payment processor. Two things that are death sentences to merchants once they're gone.

With our own DTC brands and established infrastructure that we built in China, we saw the opportunity to offer the service to merchants to help them mitigate the problems that hinder dropshipping businesses.

How and why does it work so well?
We cut out the scammy middlemen by going straight to the manufacturers to get you better pricing and quality. We started our own fulfillment center and trained our own employees to ensure the high quality of experience that people know us for.

Why is it so hard to get accepted?
Our business model is inherently more high risk than a traditional fulfillment center, where merchants would stock inventory themselves and pay for the fulfillment costs. The merchants that we work with are also higher risk due to the dropshipping model that the business operates on. Both of these factors led us to conduct thorough audits on the business and the operator in order to accept the application.

Why is the supply chain THAT important as a dropshipper?
We know you got to your level with your "agent" but what got you here won't get you to where you want to go. We also know that switching suppliers seems like a nightmare, so we made sure to make that process almost instantaneous so there's no gap in fulfillment. (Your current supply chain will get a massive, business-halting, show-stopping payment hold and we can fix that within a couple of days) Through our business, we have established relationships with vendors and logistics partners that allow us to pass our savings to you.

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