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Here are some things to read before applying
(I know it's kinda long, but it's worth it!)

How does Drophaus work?

After being onboarded, drophaus will stock your product in our warehouse and instantly begin fulfilling orders for you and only billing you for each order AFTER it ships. (Yes, we trust you that much)

Who are we?

The drophaus founding team has generated over 15,000,000 in sales from our own brands/stores and has worked with/on many many more. (We know what you want because we were merchants ourselves)

Why Drophaus?

We know you're attached to the Aliexpress agent you have used for the past year but we also know that you don't want to rely on one person over WeChat for potentially millions of dollars of inventory. (YES, we get cheaper prices, fulfill SAME DAY, get amazing shipping times and allow you to customize anything with no hassle...)

Why did we start Drophaus?

Payment processor holds... Long story short, we found the cause of basically all payment processing problems ( bad supply chain ). Knowing that and already having a brilliant team in China that was building custom products for Saucehaus clients, we expanded into warehouses and decided we would fix the problems with dropshipping... (shitty product quality, unreliable agents, long shipping times, and inflated costs)

How and why does it work so well?

We cut out the scammy middlemen by going straight to the manufacturers to get you better pricing and quality and we built a fulfillment center and hired/trained our own employees to control fulfillment times and make sure they were SAME DAY.  (Our China team kicks ass!)

Why is it so hard to get accepted?

To be honest, we wanted this to be available for everyone, but 2 bad apples ruined the bunch. In the early days of Drophaus we had 2 clients that got all their back-orders fulfilled and then bailed on the invoices amounting to more than six-figures worth. Since then we do a deep audit process and make sure they are people we want to work with... oh and we got better contracts and a strong legal team. (We typically accept 3-4% of applicants but sales volume is usually not a determining factor)

Why is the supply chain THAT important as a dropshipper?

We know you got to your level with your "agent" but what got you here won't get you to where you want to go. We also know that switching suppliers seems like a nightmare, so we made sure to make that process almost instantaneous so there's no gap in fulfillment. (Your current supply chain will get a massive, business-halting, show-stopping payment hold and we can fix that within a couple of days, oh and we save you a ton of money with cheaper products and shipping discounts.)

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